Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New articles coming soon!

Thanks to all that voted on the upcoming articles I am working on. I have begun to work on more "team cap histories". I have had finals this week for school and have had to work extra so I won't have anything ready until next week unless I find time this weekend. Next week I will have much more free time. As for what teams I will profile for the team cap histories, it will have to be based on the ones I know the most about first. After I get the first one up I will finish my article on visors, and probably to another "collectors corner" since a new one is overdue.

Stay posted! Lots of articles coming in the near future! Until then, vote on the poll on the right so that I can determine which team cap history I should do first. These are the ones I can do off the top of my head the best.

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