Friday, February 17, 2012

Up for auction: 1992 Gary Sheffield Padres Cap

While at the Padres Fan Fest last weekend, I rummaged through the garage sale and then went back for a second look. That was when I discovered this gem: A cap worn by Gary Sheffield! How was this still around after all these years?

It's a Sports Specialties cap that shows great use, and Sheffield's number 10 written on the buckram.

This is most likely Sheffield's cap from 1992, since he was traded mid-season in 1993, therefore his cap wouldn't have shown as much use. In 1992 and 1993, Sports Specialties were still supplying caps to MLB. 1992 was also the first year of the MLB "batterman" logo on the back which this cap has, ruling out the possibility of a 1991 cap. Also, from what I have seen, Sports Specialties MLB on-field caps were made in the USA in 1993, while this one is made in Korea.

1992 was one of Sheffield's best seasons. He was an all star, won the NL batting title with a batting average of .330, won the "NL Comeback Player of the Year Award", and a Silver Slugger Award!

While I had originally planned to keep this gem, my car had some trouble on the drive back to the Bay Area from San Diego. To help offset the cost for repairs, I've put this cap up for auction on eBay. (Link Below). Bid on this cap for a great price, and check out my other items!
(The cap has sold)


  1. That's one sweet hat. I love Sheff!

    How early did you get to the garage sale? I got down there around 12:30. By then most of the good stuff was gone. I did manage to get a few Tony Hawk bobbleheads and some pins though.

  2. Is the MLB logo on the back a direct sew? Because my 1992 White Sox Sports Specialties cap had a MLB logo patch on the back with clear (nylon?) stitching. Sports Specialties made a very good fitting hat & their cap logos always seemed *slightly* bigger & thicker than New Era's.

    That sucks about your car, tho I did the same exact thing 11 years ago. That Padres BP jersey is sweet! - tho too bad it's way too small for me. They just refuse to reproduce early 1980s Padres jerseys with the correct wordmark on it. Drives me crazy.

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