Wednesday, January 30, 2013

More Articles On The Way, Caps For Sale

I am hard at work on some new articles. Coming in the next few days will be about my Oakland A's Fan Fest finds, as well as an article on umpire caps. If anyone owns any neat or interesting umpire caps (and has pictures) or knows something about them that I may not know, please email me at

San Diego Padres Fan Fest is less than two weeks away. As many of you know, two out of the three caps that the Padres wore for turn back the clock games last season were not sold in retail, but they should be available at the team's "garage sale" at Fan Fest. I don't make much money, but I plan on making the trip down from my home the Silicon Valley to get a hold of these caps. In order to make the trip easier on my wallet, I am selling some caps from my collection. If you are interested, they are currently listed on eBay. Go check them out:

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