Wednesday, November 20, 2013

New Era Repairing Caps Again?

Sorry for the lack of updates, school and work have kept me busy.

A website called The World's Best Ever posted some recent pictures of the New Era factory. In a few pictures, some vintage New Era caps (Yankees, Indians, etc.) are shown stripped apart. When I asked the website about the caps shown in the photos, the one-sentence answer that I got was "They're being reconstructed". I don't know whether they belong to the company or whether they were being repaired for someone. Regardles, they're definitley being repaired.

If any of you want to call New Era and ask about doing repairs, go for it and let me know what happens. Maybe mention the caps in the photos and why they're being repaired? I'd be interested in knowing what that is about. I bet they'll mention that they don't do repairs, and will ask you if you heard about it from "some guy from California with a blog" (that would be yours truly). That's what they've said to a few people I know that have called in the past couple of years. The article also mentions a "Heritage Collection". Maybe New Era is going to make more accurate reproductions of vintage caps? Hey, a guy can dream...

HERE is the link to the factory photos, which are interesting even without the vintage caps.


  1. Heritage collection is suppose to come out next spring. They will feature the original teams who wore New Era 59fifty on the field.

  2. I had an e-mail conversation with one of new era's VP'S about this 10 years ago. If they do it, I want a cut of the profits. I even told them to call it the gold collection in recognition of the 50 ' 50th anniversary. They could use leather sweat bands and all. I was told it's a good idea but not logistically speaking. They didn't seem to think that there'd be much interest. They said maybe in the future. Maybe the future is now, I hope.

  3. They will have the leather sweatband the only problem I believe is that it will also include the new era flag on the side.