Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New articles coming soon!

Thanks to all that voted on the upcoming articles I am working on. I have begun to work on more "team cap histories". I have had finals this week for school and have had to work extra so I won't have anything ready until next week unless I find time this weekend. Next week I will have much more free time. As for what teams I will profile for the team cap histories, it will have to be based on the ones I know the most about first. After I get the first one up I will finish my article on visors, and probably to another "collectors corner" since a new one is overdue.

Stay posted! Lots of articles coming in the near future! Until then, vote on the poll on the right so that I can determine which team cap history I should do first. These are the ones I can do off the top of my head the best.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Caps For Sale

People ask me all the time if any of the caps from my personal collection are for sale. I normally don't sell my caps but with this being the Holiday season and I am low on cash, I am selling a few spare caps and some others I am willing to part with. You can bid on them on eBay RIGHT HERE. Most are in new and unworn condition. If you are wondering about the screen name, it is my girlfriend's account. She shares it with me since my original account got hacked into a couple of years ago...

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Game-Used Ballcap Mystery

Hello everyone and sorry for the lack of updates. I should have some more free time in the new year to dedicate to the blog. I am working on an article about the colors of the undersides of visors (aka bills/brims), so if anyone has any information that they feel might be relevant, please contact me.

Anyway, I just recently purchased an (alleged) game-used San Francisco Giants cap. Pictures are below. It is a KM Pro cap that the seller said was used by Danny O'Connell. Now first and foremost, he wasn't trying to dupe me, he simply said he had purchased it in the 1980s and the seller told him that was who used it. O'Connell had played for the Giants from 1957 (their final season in New York) and then in San Francisco in 1958 and 1959. There is just one problem; the cap has a 1970s style KM Pro tag and not a Tim McAuliffe tag like a 1950s cap would. Also, normally a game-used cap would have the player's number written in marker under the visor near the sweatband, or on the backing behind the front of the crown. Instead "Danny O'Connell" is written in marker on the back of the sweatband, and a faint "O CO" to the left of the KM Pro tag on the left side of the sweatband. The cap itself is in very well-used condition. However, what makes it believable that it may be from the 1950s is the green fabric under the visor. The Giants switched to gray sometime between 1969 and 1971. The team last used KM caps in 1976. Since the Tim McAuliffe name disappeared from KM caps in 1969, a cap with a KM tag and a green under-visor must be somewhat rare, and perhaps was only used for one season or two, 1969 and/or 1970.

Another question is why counterfeit a Danny O'Connell cap? He seems like a random player no one's ever heard of. Most likely it was for a morbid reason; O'Connell is dead, and died tragically at the age of 42 in 1969 in an auto accident (another website says it was a "coronary occlusion"), and left behind a wife and four children.

If anyone knows if the cap really could have been used by Danny O'Connell or not, please let me know, or if you have any other comments about the cap!

The front. Notice the embroidery is exactly the same as the 1976 version of the cap in the first picture of my blog "Team Cap History: The San Francisco Giants".

The inside. a vary faint "O CO" can be seen just to the left of the tag on the sweatband, or maybe it's something else?

"Danny O'Connell" written on the back of the sweatband.