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Hello and welcome to the ballcap blog. In my blogs I will be discussing on-field pro model baseball caps made for on field use, commonly known today as "fitteds." In Major League Baseball today, the New Era Cap Company is the lone company that produces caps for on-field use, and it’s been that way since the 1994 season. Before then, back to the mid-1980s, there were two; New Era and Sports Specialties Corp., which was bought out by Nike later in the 1990s. Before the mid 80s, there were several more. Baseball caps were made by all of the major sporting goods companies: Wilson, Rawlings, MacGregor, Spalding, and more. There were also many other companies no longer with us, such as Tim McAuliffe, Inc, and their successor company, the KM Pro Cap Company, which then shut down in the mid 1970s. Their embroiderer, the Roman Art Embroidery Co., began making caps in KM’s place and started making reproductions of old-style caps, now commonly known as “throwbacks.” The Roman Pro Cap Company then became the first baseball apparel maker to carry the “Cooperstown Collection” label. There were many smaller companies that made on-field caps at one time or another. Companies that went by names such as Crosby, Leslie, and Devon just to name a few.

This blog is a celebration of those companies of the past as well as New Era’s latest ballcaps of today. I will share, analyze, and compare ballcaps from all eras of baseball, most of, if not all, are from my personal collection of over 100 caps and counting. This will include high-quality and detailed pictures. I will post as often as possible, but if a large amount of time goes by without a post please have patience.

Now a little about myself. I live in San Jose, California, the "capital of the Silicon Valley." I currently am the drummer for an indie hard rock band called "Undergone." I have been wearing fitted pro-model caps since the 90s, my first was a Chicago Cubs "road" cap I got when I was 9 years old in 1995. I always collected fitted caps here and there growing up, never too seriously until recently. Now I have started this blog to share my love of these baseball caps. Like I said, I will be sharing photos of my personal collection, but if anyone has any vintage MLB fitted caps they would like to share or have featured please let me know!

My first real post will be coming in the next few days, so keep posted!


  1. Very cool - I look forward to following this blog. I just found Mickey's Place and purchased a hat there today (1969 Mets cooperstown, New Era, all blue, green underbill, no new era logo, no mlb logo).

    Good luck, and keep it goin!

  2. Good writing. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed my Google News Reader..

    baseball caps

  3. I have a Devon Red Sox cap i bought at Fenway in 86. Whatever happened to this company?


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