The San Diego Padres "Taco Bell" Caps (Part 4)

The saga continues in my never ending quest to find every single variation of this cap!

I have stated previously that the Roman Pro Cap Company never made "Cooperstown Collection" versions of the early 80s cap. Fortunately, I was proven wrong when the only one I've ever seen popped up on eBay a couple of months ago. It was in horrible condition, but the price was right and I got it back into shape. It is nearly 100% identical to the original Roman Pro version. The only difference is the piping down the sides which is slightly larger.

I previously owned a 1970s Padres adjustable "snapback" cap made by New Era. It was unworn, unfortunately the visor was broken and some of the fabric on the back was ripped. Remembering that New Era will repair unworn caps regardless of age (see past blog posts), I mailed it in asking if they can not only fix it, but also turn it into a fitted cap. This is the result; a rather interesting one-of-a-kind vintage/new hybrid. Everything is new except the yellow front panel and button. New Era did an excellent job. I'm very happy with the result. Enjoy!


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