The 2011 Padres Taco Bell Cap

Another elusive cap this past season was the Padres Taco Bell caps worn for the 1983 & 1984 Turn Back The Clock games. These were not available in retail, including the team store. In fact, you could not buy any newly made New Era taco bell caps ANYWHERE in 2011. Why? I have heard two things from a few different sources. One is that New Era's seamstresses dislike making them, which is likely why they were team store exclusives in 2010. I heard that last year there were "production issues". Whatever the case may be, only the players and coaches got them in 2011. I went to the Padres fan fest on Saturday, February 11th and by the time I got to the Padres garage sale, the 2011 taco bell caps were gone. Luckily, an acquaintance of mine that got in early grabbed me ONE team issued cap. So without further adieu, here is an up-close look at the 2011 Taco Bell cap.

The front looks the same as the 2010 version, only now the outline is done differently. Instead of the orange "piping" it's an orange fabric sewn in between the brown and yellow.

The interior looks like normal modern polyester caps.

Look under the tags and surprise! Made in China AND 85% wool %15 polyester. WTF?

The good news is that this season, taco bell caps should be in ample supply. The Padres will be doing 70s, 80s, and 90s Turn Back The Clock games every Friday. also informed me that they will be receiving taco bell caps next month.

I am selling game worn Padres caps from Orlando Hudson and Gary Sheffield on eBay right now. If you are interested, find the seller name "


  1. I'm lovin this blog! As a cap collector, you've inspired me to collect more old-school new era fitteds, especially the ones that are more true to the design and colors of the originals. I'm in Seattle and was diggin' your post about the Pilots.

    Anyway, I don't know if you've seen these already:

    It might be something you'd want to review.

    Keep up the good work!


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