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Awful Bells

After New Era's "production issues" with the Padres taco bell cap remakes in 2011, two have surfaced in retail in the past month. The first is a 1978-style Padres, featuring an all-star game patch on the side. It's being sold on Notice the drastic improvement in the shape of the bell! It's the closest that they've ever gotten to the original since...well... the original. However, there are many flaws. Look at the logo. The "D" is overlapping the "S" instead of being interlocked. Not to mention the underside is gray, and there is a New Era flag and MLB batterman on the back. I hope that they come out with one of these with the problems corrected. With the shape of the bell being so near-perfect, my hopes were high when I found out that would be receiving early 80s taco bell caps. However, when they arrived, I wondered what the hell went wrong! What happened to the shape!?!?! This is worse than the American Needle &