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New Feature: Cap Stories

Cap Stories will focus on interesting ways that you acquired a cap you own and/or the history behind it. You may email me at if you have a story you would like to share. Photos are not necessary but are a plus. We will kick it off with a story with photos from yours truly. The summer of 2011 started rough. I was going through a bad breakup (a six-year relationship) and my band of eight years was breaking up. I needed something that could keep my mind off of things. I turned to my favorite sport. As a resident of San Jose, California, I had been attending games of San Francisco Giants A-Advanced Affiliate San Jose Giants since I was nine years-old. As some of you know, 2011 was not exactly great for the San Francisco Giants club. However, the San Jose Giants were teeming with young talented prospects. Seven players from  the Giants current "Top 20 Prospects" list were on the team, including #1 prospect Gary Brown. I began to attend several games a week