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Caps made for the film "Moneyball"

For those that didn't see the movie, the film came out last year and is about Oakland A's GM Billy Beane and the 2002 Oakland Athletics season. There are many scenes depicting games and even flashback scenes. The first thing that crossed my mind was that perhaps the caps (particularly the A's caps) were just "deadstock", just leftovers sitting in storage. However, all the caps were made specially for the movie with the exception of the A's Spring Training/Batting Practice caps, which were a mix of deadstock and reproductions . New Era provided all of the MLB caps. They were made in USA and most are 100% wool or wool combined with acrylic. Aside from the A's (Home, Road, and BP/Spring Training), there were caps made for the Dodgers, Twins, Royals, Yankees, Angels, Tigers, and Mets. Some were made for A's game scenes and some for Billy Beane flashback scenes. The A's Spring/BP and Home caps were all "weathered" by the props departm

2013 Padres Taco Bell Caps

So I said that my next post would be about the caps from Moneyball, but there has been an unforeseen delay. I should have it done in the next week or so. This past Friday (May 17th), the Padres had a 1984 "Turn Back The Clock" game vs. the Nationals. The Nationals did not participate, which is unfortunate. I would have loved to see them wear 1984 Expos uniforms.  The taco bell caps were identical to the 2011 1983/1984 TBTC caps. The good news is that THEY WILL BE AVAILABLE IN RETAIL. The bad news is that they will be made in China like the 2011 taco bells. MLB shop is already taking orders HERE. Oddly, if you look at the photo of the cap at MLB shop there is one missing detail: There are no eyelets on the front panels! This has been a recent issue with reproduction taco bell caps that I mentioned before. However, the caps that the players wore in the game DID have eyelets. Either the photo at MLB shop is a prototype that didn't have eyelets, or someone that work