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Ebbets Field Flannels 8-Panel Caps

Ebbets Field Flannels recently unveiled a new line of 8-panel caps. The 8-panel cap has a much lower crown and has a more vintage look compared to the normal 6-panel caps. 8-panel caps were common in the pre-WWII era but disappeared by the early 1940s. The caps are unstructured (no buckram) and feature EFF's trademark satin taping and undervisor. The visor is soft and flexible. EFF also reintroduced leather sweatbands, which they haven't offered with their caps for many years. The EFF logo is embossed into the leather. First impression: The first 8-panel cap that I ordered was the 1923 Sacramento Senators. First glance at the cap reveals a headwear masterpiece, an amazing sight to behold for anyone that loves caps; The look of the old-fashioned wool, satin, and leather really made me thankful that we have a company like EFF around and that we can purchase a ballcap like this in the year 2013. Another thing that I noticed right out of the box was the smell of leather. The