Oddball Phillies Cap Made By Wilson

I recently purchased a Phillies cap made by Wilson, the first Wilson cap in my collection. All Wilson caps were made under private label. Usually, the caps were made by New Era with the embroidery provided by Roman. I have also seen Phillies caps that were obviously made by KM Pro that have Wilson tags. The particular cap that I purchased seems to be a KM (or Roman)/New Era hybrid. The shape of the cap is classic KM. However, the embroidery isn't Roman's, which was more slanted. It looks more like New Era's. The sweatband is also identical to New Era's, but there is no foam inside the band. The backing is quite different from anything I've ever seen.

I believe 1987 was the last year they made Wilson caps, and the Phillies were their last customer. Does anyone know for sure?


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