New Era Has Stopped All Cap Repairs

Fellow readers,

New Era would like everyone to know that they have ceased all cap repairs. I spoke to Dan Harrigan (the assistant customer service manager) and he told me that it takes too much time away from production, and they haven't set up a way to charge money for it. All caps that have been shipped in for repairs will be returned un-repaired.

Who is to blame? Well, that would probably be yours truly. Some people that sent their caps in apparently referenced me and my blog, saying that they found out about it that way. Of course, I had no idea that so many people would be sending caps in for repairs, and I also had no idea that so many people were reading my blog! And to top it off, I'm not the only one that has blogged about it. I have sent several batches of caps in for repairs, completely unaware that it was a burden to New Era. After all, I had been told that repairing broken visors was "an easy fix". Had I known otherwise, I probably wouldn't have blogged about it. When Mr. Harrigan informed me that they would no longer do repairs, he was somewhat terse with me, and made me feel as if I had worn out my welcome with him. My last batch of repaired caps arrived shortly thereafter, and included a letter from him repeating what we had discussed on the phone.

A friend of mine with a large collection of caps including a few in need of repairs called New Era yesterday to ask about repairs. A customer service rep told him: "No we do not do that. We are not geared up for repairing caps. Who did you hear this from, a guy in California on the internet? We asked him to remove that information from his website. We did a couple for him as a favor but my boss has told me to return any hats sent to us for repairs after that".

So there you have it. Obviously, the "guy in California on the internet" is me. They never asked me to remove anything, by the way, so I'm putting it out there that they will no longer do repairs.

If anyone has any luck finding another company that will repair caps, please let me know, even if they charge a price.

" A guy in California on the internet"


  1. Those rat bastards. Stand behind your product! Caps are $35 bucks a pop. It's outrageous. And why don't they invent or use white stitching that doesn't get stained from sweat? How big of profits are they making on a cap? They don't even use wool anymore for game caps. It can't be that expensive to make a cap. I have no problem boycotting New Era.

    I never even thought to send in my old White Sox caps with the cracked brims to get repaired, guess I was too cheap to pay for the shipping. I guess asshole Dan Harrigan decided they weren't making any money off the repairs, so what good was it doing them? Nothing. In fact, they probably thought "why don't these people just buy a reproduction / new cap? Phooey! Fuck repairs and these people! Send them all back!"

    I tell you this country is going to absolute shit so fast.

  2. Wow. Well I am glad that I got my vintage Padres fixed at least. I was just about to send in a vintage KC Athletics....

    By the way, whenI did send in the one cap I did, I offered to pay whatever they deemed reasonable. I was shocked and pleased that they did it for free.

  3. The job wouldn't be so big if they didn't make crappy caps where the brim broke after a time. I have a lot of New Era caps (purchased directly from the factory before they were in every mall) and they're either too fragile to wear or the brim has gone brittle and cracked.

    New Era used to be a small company. Then the hip hop market exploded and now they're a monster with 8,864 different variations on the basic Yankees cap. Too bad.

    I guess it doesn't bother them a bit that they've made a big part of their fortune off gangs.

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