Padres Fan Fest

This year, a friend was able to get me an early entry pass into Padres Fan Fest. Unfortunately, there was an extreme lack in the amount of caps this time. Despite the fact that I got in early and was in the front of the line, there were only about four or five team-issued 1978 Turn Back The Clock game caps. There were no 1989 or 1997 Turn Back The Clock game caps. There were some older 1980-84 team issued caps that appeared to be from around 2006, but they were in small sizes and were growing mold.

As I've said before, the 1978 Turn Back The Clock game caps were not sold to retail. They were basically identical to the 2007 versions, but with the batterman logo on the back and a black sweatband. While the 1983/84 Turn Back The Clock game caps last season were made in China, the 1978 caps were actually made in the USA. Instead of the "Authentic Collection" tag, the cap has a "Cooperstown Collection" tag. On the back of the New Era tag, it says that the cap is made of 100% polyester. However, the brown material feels more like acrylic or cotton material. I'm guessing that these caps were made out of the same recycled cotton material that the 1989 Turn Back The Clock game caps were supposedly made out of. As I've learned in the past, non-retail caps don't always have correct tags.

Despite the lack of caps, prices were lower on everything else this year so I purchased a number of other items. I'm looking forward to next year. Hopefully, they will have more caps!


  1. Do you think the Padres will EVER go back to brown full-time, or just weakly tease fans with a couple of TBTC games every year? MLB doesn't need another navy blue team & brown would really set them apart. If they do go back to brown, they should most definitely bring back the 1973-79 cap.


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