Hat Club Releases Near-Perfect 1977-1982 SF Giants Reproduction

Hat Club has released a near-perfect reproduction of the cap that the San Francisco Giants wore from 1977 to 1982. A proper reproduction of this cap has NEVER been done before. Hat Club tried making this cap in the past but the improper versions were sent to them instead.

The Reproduction

The reason is that MLB Licensing and New Era believe that the cap that the Giants wore during that era uses the same logo as the present cap but without raised embroidery and with green fabric under the orange visor. The real cap had the logo seen above with with grey fabric under the visor.

The Original

 Vida Blue rocks the original. Photo proof that MLB and New Era have it wrong.

Features of the reproduction:

-100% Polyester
-Black Sweatband
-Tonal New Era Flag on the side
-No MLB "batterman" on the back

The reason for the flag is because this is not the official on-field cap reproduction in the eyes of MLB Licensing & New Era. However Hat Club made sure the flag is black like the crown. Also, the grey fabric under the visor is also 100% polyester instead of cotton twill. This makes sense because the original caps had nylon fabric on both sides of the visor.



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