And We're Back: Fan Fest Finds

Sorry for the lack of updates, folks. At the end of August and received a promotion at work (I'm now working full-time with benefits, etc.) plus still taking night classes. This has taken up most of my time. However, I have some things that I want to post on the blog that I will do over the next couple of months or so. I will do my best to at least make monthly posts.

Here are some caps that I found at the Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants Fan Fests.

The Oakland Athletics memorabilia sale was inside the Oakland (O.Co) Colosseum inside one of the team merch stores. Despite the fact that I got there when the gates opened, the line to the memorabilia sale quickly grew and it took me over and hour and a half  to get in. Luckily, there were plenty of caps left and employees were regularly replenishing stock. Unfortunately, all but one game used cap was left. The rest were team issued caps. Some had stickers removed, some didn't. There were various caps with patches (Japan Series 2012, Postseason, etc), turn back the clock game caps, and surplus team stock including the new road cap. There were also some older caps that I was surprised they still had after all this time. Caps were priced at $20 and were placed on racks along the back wall of the store. They were then knocked down to $10 shortly after I got in. My purchases are below...

Blank grey cap made by Mitchell & Ness. 1910s style. Probably from a late 90s/early 2000s turn back the clock. I also found a matching pair of flannel pants from this game.

1914 TBTC Brandon Moss Game Used. These caps were worn on August 16th, 2014 in Atlanta. This was the only game used cap that I found. 

1929 TBTC Team Issued. These were worn August 16th, 2009 in Oakland vs. the White Sox.

1989-1991 Team Issued. There was a large abundance of these old Sports Specialties caps for sale. There were even a few Korean-made versions from the mid 80s. I picked out a USA-made version made around the time of their last world championship.

Chicago White Sox 1929 TBTC Team Issued. The A's are known to keep the opposing teams uniforms from turn back the clock games. There was a large amount of these White Sox caps for sale from the 2009 game.

The Giants fan fest was quite crowded (obviously) but the memorabilia sale required no wait. However, there were only two caps for sale. Both were 4th of July caps from their loss at San Diego. Both caps were $100 each. I coughed up the bucks because I wanted a piece of the 2014 championship team and it was literally the cheapest item for sale. I inquired as to why only 4th of July and Memorial Day caps are the only ones that ever come up for sale from the Giants. I was told that the team is superstitious about caps and all players keep their regular gamers.This cap was worn by Brandon Hicks, who was present at the 4th of July game but sat on the bench.

Next is the Padres fan fest, which will be in early April. I will post what I find right here on the Ballcap Blog.

Also check out my eBay page to see my caps for sale HERE.


  1. Do you know if the Sports Specialty 1989-1991 caps sold out? If not, did you happen to hear what was to be done with them?

  2. Those M&N caps were the best vintage replicas ever made. It's too bad they don't make them anymore. I wish someone would start making them again.

  3. I think there were plenty Sports Specialties caps left. I would have grabbed more but I went over my budget. I'm sure they went back into storage and will come back out next year.

    1. Awesome! Thanks for the info. BTW, what's your take on the old New Era nylon caps? Have you ever done a blog on those?

  4. I've mentioned them before but not really at length. Teams that played in enclosed ballparks preferred them (Astros for example). I've never worn one for an extended period of time myself. I do have plans for a blog post about different types of cap fabric that I will put up in the near future.

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