'47 Brand Becomes a Serious Competitor in the On-Field Cap Market

"'47 Brand" is the only surviving ancestor of the great "KM Pro" baseball cap empire. When KM Pro shuttered in 1976, Devon Professional Cap kept its legacy going until the end of the 80s. They were subsequently bought out by Twins Enterprises, now known as '47 Brand. They have since become the leading supplier of "Dad Hats" (under their "Franchise" line), a far cry from the ones that KM Pro once provided for player use in professional baseball. The last time a '47 Brand-related cap was worn by an MLB team it was the 1987 Boston Red Sox wearing caps made by Devon, which until then had exclusively been supplying the Red Sox caps since about 1979.

Despite being known for Dad Hats, '47 Brand has still provided pro model caps for organized baseball. One loyal customer has been the Cape Cod League, which makes sense as '47 Brand is based in Massachusetts.

The official 2020 on-field cap of the Harwich Mariners of the Cape Cod League.

'47 Brand pro model fitted caps do not resemble those of their predecessors. They more closely resemble the style of caps made by the old Sport Specialties brand. They feature a high, boxy crown with a narrow, rectangular visor.

With Baseball returning to the Olympics in 2020 (if it's not canceled because of the current pandemic), '47 Brand will be providing the on field caps of the Mexican National Team.

$41.99 for this cap. Yikes!

'47 Brand is also now making inroads with Nippon Professional Baseball in Japan. For the 2020 season, they will be providing the on-field caps for the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles.

The 2020 Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles cap provided by '47 Brand.

'47 Brand also offers "Cooperstown" caps with the same fitted pro model design. To see all pro model caps they have for sale on their website, click HERE

By providing the Mexican National Team and Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagle's on-field caps for 2020, '47 Brand has now suddenly emerged as a serious on-field cap competitor. How well can the king of "Dad Hats" be able to compete in this market?


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