Classic Roman Pro Cap Company Advertisement

Please enjoy this classic Roman Pro Cap Company advertisement a fellow collector sent to me. It was scanned out of an old catalog. It shows 50 samples of what Roman had to offer. I have a poster version of this ad. I'm sure at one time or another Roman had hundreds of styles to choose from. Just click to enlarge it!

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  1. man I love that Orioles cap with the simple bird drawing. I wish I could find a "franchise" or unstructured version, I cannot wear the stiff structured caps.

  2. Interesting Astros cap on ebay:

  3. I saw that! Looks like it was made by the recently-defunct Cooperstown Ballcap Co. I have bought from that seller before, good stuff but they are full of mold & mildew.

  4. I never saw a "Cooperstown Ballcap Cp. produce that looked or felt anything like the models they were supposed to emulate.How they sold any of them for $45.00 is by me. Shows that lots and lots of people have never seen a 1940s cap bearing the Wilson or Spalding label and made of high quality high thread count wool flannel. I guess one reason is that no one alive today remembers them.


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