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While I am waiting to finish my current Ballcap Blog projects, I will be featuring collectors and their collections. I'm sure some of you are curious about my collection, so I will go first.

Name / Age / Occupation: Paul Carr, 23. Teacher’s Aide, Student, and Drummer (

How I began collecting: When I was a kid I in the mid-90s, I loved baseball. I always wanted to wear the caps the pros wore, my first pro cap was a Chicago Cubs road cap I got when I was 9 years-old in 1995. Around that time, I received a bunch of 70s baseball cards from my grandparents as a gift. I was fascinated by all the bright-colored caps and odd-looking logos I had never seen before. I went to a local flea market and someone was selling a few old caps. For some reason I ended up with an 80s Angels cap made by New Era which I still have in mint condition today. I also had some kind of sports magazine that advertised the remakes made by Roman and I had my parents order me a few of those. I still have them but I wore them a lot and they fell apart real quick. I usually found others at flea markets and I would just buy them because I knew they didn’t make them anymore. Some I wore, some I didn’t. I don't wear the caps I have now, I just wear contemporary ones and New Era "Cooperstown Collection" reproductions.

I do sell my caps IF I end up with doubles from lots that I purchase. I MIGHT trade if I can get something if I want in return. Contact me at for my want list.

Collection pictures below:

My New Era Collection

My Roman Collection (Partial)

My Sports Specialties Collection

My "Crown Jewels" (Best of My Collection):

1962 Kansas City Athletics (Road) made by New Era

1968 - 69 Oakland Athletics made by New Era

1975 - 82 Oakland Athletics made by New Era

1946 - 49 St. Louis Browns made by New Era (may have been made at a later date but there is no way to tell)

1977 - 82 San Francisco Giants made by New Era

1977 - 80 Seattle Mariners made by New Era

1969 - 73 San Diego Padres made by New Era

1974 - 79 San Diego Padres made by New Era

1980 - 84 (1984 variation) San Diego Padres made by New Era

1981 St. Patrick's Day Philadelphia Phillies made by New Era

1972 - 85 Texas Rangers made by New Era

1975 - 78 Boston Red Sox made by New Era

Game Used/Issued:

Mid-1970s Chicago Cubs used by Steve Swisher, made by New Era

1993 Spring Training Florida Marlins team issued but not used, made by Sports Specialties

Mid-1970s San Diego Padres used by Alan Foster, made by New Era

Late-1980s San Diego Padres used by unknown player, made by Sports Specialties

Thanks and I hope you enjoyed my collection. Please email me at to have your collection featured!


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