Angels "Flashback Friday" Caps Coming to Retail

"Hat Club" announced today via their Facebook page the arrival of the four Angels "Flashback Friday" caps to their retail locations.

What is shocking to me is the fact that they went with the 100% polyester "performace" caps rather than wool models normally used for "Turn Back The Clock" games. Does anyone have these yet? I'd love some detailed pictures!


  1. Love the one with the halo on top. That's old school!

  2. I will get all 4 for my collection.

  3. Even from afar, all those are terrible reproductions. No attempt whatsoever to even get the size of the logos correct, nor even the button on top for two of them. I'm so sick of manufacturer laziness on repros...

  4. Thanks for the info. I'm now a Hat Club member.

  5. Amen to what pursuitagent said. The efforts to make a reproduction of the Seattle Pilots caps have been laughably bad.


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