Polyester Caps: My Opinion

Hey everyone and sorry again for the lack of updates, I have actually been working hard on articles for the blog but I have been waiting on responses and I'm still gathering more information on certain things.

Anyway, as most of us know, New Era introduced 100% Polyester on-field caps for MLB and MiLB in 2007. Many purists loathe these caps, but because I sometimes like to wear the latest caps for teams that I support, and I have purchased a few of them. Below are three example of caps that I have worn on a regular basis since 2010.

At first I was skeptical about polyester caps. My first purchase was a 2009 San Jose Giants cap (My home MiLB team) . I though it was cheap and felt like cardboard. However, with time and with the purchase of a few more, I learned to like them. My biggest pet-peeves I had with wool caps were gone-the white stains on the crown, the discoloration of the sweatband, and of course, the shrinking and fading. As a drummer in a hard rock band they are ideal. Not a drop of sweat reaches my brow during a long performance. They have held their shape relatively well and are easy to clean.

Sure, I love the classic wool caps and they are more aesthetically pleasing. I still wear them once and a while. If you want to show off, wear a wool cap. However, I recommend the polyester caps for daily use or if you plan on doing anything that's going to make you sweat. In my opinion, it's just more practical.


I messed with something on my Google account and for some reason I can't post in the comments section to respond to anything. If you are posting in the comments section to just make a comment about my blog post, by all means please do. However, if you have a question it is more practical to email me. You will get a faster response as well, since I don't receive any notifications when someone comments on a blog post.

Thanks, and more articles are coming soon!


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