Collectors Corner: Steven August

Name / Age / Occupation: Steven August /45 / Entrepreneur

When did you first start collecting pro-model baseball caps? 1975

How have you acquired your caps? I purchased many when I was younger, KM Pro used to sell them in the Sporting News. When they went out of business Roman Pro started doing the same. I used to wait for the UPS truck to come and deliver that little brown box with my next new cap in it. I also used to visit Gerry Cosby's in New York City, they had a very large selection as Pro caps were not as popular and easy to get in the 70's.

What do you consider to be your “holy grail/grails”? I have a McAuliffe 1962 Mets cap worn by Jay Hook (who won the first Mets game ever)...pretty cool cap. I also own a few Mets "Pillbox caps" from 1976 which are classic.

What is your favorite cap manufacturer? Without question KM Pro.

What about baseball caps appeals to you? Something about the history and nostalgia behind them. I do believe the best caps made in both quality and simplicity of design were the caps from the 1960's - 70's.

What was your first pro-model baseball cap? NY Mets - KM Pro

What is your favorite cap of all time? Definitely the Mets

What is your favorite baseball team? Mets, then Brooklyn Dodgers.

Do you wear any of your vintage caps, or do you keep them on display, on a shelf, or in a box, ect.? Both, I do wear some of my classics that I have been lucky enough to get in my size.

Wool Caps or Polyester Caps? Wool

Leather Sweatbands or Cloth Sweatbands? Nothing like a classic leather sweatband.

Anything else besides caps that you collect (sports or non-sports related)? I do collect some jerseys, both baseball and hockey.

Any hobbies or other interests? Love to workout and spend time with my wife and kids.


  1. Your Red Phillies hat with the same P as on the maroon hats is my White Whale, I've never been close to getting one.


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