I Need Your Help!

I'm asking any readers to please send me pictures of caps made by (Tim) McAuliffe, KM Pro, & Wilson caps since oddly enough I don't have any caps made by those companies, as well as any brand besides New Era, Roman, and Sports Specialties. They must be of MLB teams. Preferably large size and detailed pictures of the insides and out. I need them for future articles!

Thanks in advance! My email is insomniac186@yahoo.com


  1. I'm an insomniac, too, as well as a MLB cap fancier. You mention KM Pro. Looks to me like a well capitalized individual could seek out and buy sewing equipment used in the fifties and sixties and with a dedicated effort reproduce thread for thread and seam fo seam examples of KM Pro's products from that era (no pun intended). New era won't do it. Jennings Wagner, jwagner5522@gmail.com.


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